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Thank you, Wallpaper* Magazine!

Our rug collection with Bureau Spectacular's Jimenez Lai made a huge splash at the Lake Como Design Fair last month! Situated in the historic Broletto di Como in the center of Como, Italy, Lai's colourful 'Triple Extrusion Cube' rug and the playful 'Corner Splat' rug made their long-awaited debut.

“At once a tapestry and a rug, Corner Splat covers a floor and two walls, occupying the corner of the room. With multiple geometries colliding, colors begin to mix, unmix, and denote the superimposition of an imaginary volume between the three planes.”

– Jimenez Lai

With his collection of rugs for Urban Fabric, Lai challenges the typical two-dimensional, ornamental relationship rugs have with architecture. Some of his rugs cover a floor as well as a wall, others exist between two rooms as if the rug preceded the construction of the wall. Corner Splat is a three-dimensional piece that exists in the corner of a room, creating a new type of relationship with architecture and defining a unique new space in the process.

See Jimenez Lai's full collection HERE.

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