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Sneak Preview | Hong Kong Rug

We've been working on a new rug of one of our favorite cities in Asia. Hong Kong is a hyper-dense, dynamic metropolis of high-rises, sloped roadways and escalators that somehow occupies a verdant mountainous island. The logic-defying engineering at play in this built environment is nothing short of breathtaking. Add to that a beautiful waterfront setting and lush tropical green spaces throughout, and you have a one-of-a-kind place - Hong Kong!

URBAN FABRIC Hong Kong rug

There are so many things we love about Hong Kong that make it unique and memorable. For this rug we chose colors that evoke Hong Kong's prominent seaside character and the awe-inspiring concrete built environment that's nestled between the mountains and the waterfront. The resulting 'Aquamarine and Concrete' colorway brings these two elements of Hong Kong's urban fabric together into a harmonious composition.

Hong Kong's waterfront skyline

Check back with us soon for more images of the latest new rug designs and follow us on Instagram @urbanfabric_official for works in progress, design inspirations and previews of upcoming Limited Edition pieces!

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