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Made for Manhattan

This custom made rug of Manhattan is adorned with the city's iconic yellow taxi cabs.

The customized Urban Fabric Manhattan 'Taxi' rug

10'-0" x 10-0"

100% New Zealand Wool

We are always fielding requests from customers looking for custom designed rugs. For this project, our client wanted a rug of Manhattan to highlight their office location. They were inspired by the ubiquitous yellow taxi cabs that run through the streets of Manhattan and wanted to make that part of their rug.

Inspirational image of Manhattan taxi cabs from our client

At first, we identified that our clients wanted their Manhattan rug to be a 'zoomed in' version of the Manhattan rug in our Signature Collection. Our original Manhattan rug actually represents the whole island in a figure-ground map, as seen below.

The signature Manhattan Rug

3.0m x 8.5m

100% New Zealand Wool

In order to showcase our client's specific building location within this map, we decided it was necessary to zoom in to a scale where we could show the details of individual buildings in their rug. This led us to develop our first "neighborhood scale" version of the Manhattan rug, in which we were able to show park spaces, sidewalks, individual buildings and eventually - taxis!

Additional customized flourishes came when we rotated the regular street grid to a diagonal orientation and chamfered the rug's corner edges. Finally, with the client's location placed squarely in the center of the composition, we highlighted this address in a lighter shade of grey to differentiate it from it's neighbors.

For more information on our custom rugs or to get a quotation, click HERE

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