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Urban Fabric is an exciting series of area rugs inspired by cities you love. We recognize that each city has its own unique urban form and character. As a result, each city leaves us with its own memorable imprint. Our rugs capture that powerful emotional connection in an equally memorable way.

We take unique urban patterns and express them as luxurious handmade rugs of the highest quality. Varying pile heights give the rugs a distinct visual depth and playful texture.

Our signature grade rugs are hand tufted and meticulously hand carved using certified 100% New Zealand wool. They are as durable as they are beautiful and carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our lux grade rugs are hand knotted and hand carved using 100% New Zealand wool blended with pure silk for a beautiful sheen and remarkably soft texture that feels like you’re walking on a cloud.

Urban fabric rugs are bespoke, made to order pieces of art. Every rug in our signature collection is fully customizable in terms of size, color, shape and even pattern. We make each one by hand precisely to your specifications so that you get the perfect rug for your interior every time. Our production mills all use the ARS 1200 standard color set, offering a choice of 1200 colors to choose from. Ecologically sound in-house dyeing facilities guarantee maximum control of color and quality.

If you have questions about a particular rug or can’t find exactly what you want, contact us to create a customized rug for your home or your design project.



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