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Our collaboration with MOS Architects brings a daring and poignant new series of objects into the discourse of art and design. ‘A Twice Woven Rug’ Series re-invents the conventional flat-woven rug by employing an inventive new production technique, borne of the traditional processes inherent in weaving. The collection has an undeniably handmade quality paired with simple, playful compositions developed through MOS Architects’ thoughtful and iterative design process;


“Wool is handwoven into 25cm strips. These strips are then woven again into a loosely woven rug. It is woven twice. It looks woven. The rug looks like an oversized detail of a flattened basket. It looks like something small, enlarged - a collection of knots that create a place. Some architectural historians think cities and buildings began with textiles. Our textile work began a few years ago, in a city. These began in Rome, Italy. We cut strips of paper and wove them together; a simple childish activity.

We made models and drawings. We made different arrangements.We looked at them. We made some small ones that we carried around with us in our notebooks. We made some larger ones that we pinned on the wall. We made some large ones to sit on. We tried different colors. We tried patterns. It took time. These are from that series of work.”

-Hilary Sample &

Michael Meredith,

MOS Architects


 ‘A Twice Woven Rug’ collection is handmade by skilled artisans in our GoodWeave certified production house in Northern India. Each rug is produced in a Limited Edition of 10 pieces and signed by the artists.

A TWICE WOVEN RUG | The Collection

Limited Edition of 10 

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